Principal's Welcome

I feel so fortunate to be able to work with really great teachers and wonderful students. After spending the majority of my career in the public sector, I feel like I have really come home. My first teaching job was at Saint Mary’s in Albuquerque. Then, my family moved to Belen and I began teaching third grade right here in this school. I was determined to pursue my dream of teaching high school English so I eventually ended up at Belen High School. After Serving in administrative positions in Los Lunas and Truth or Consequences, I have come home.

very day at Saint Mary’s is a blessing. We begin each day with a prayer by the children at the flagpole. During the course of the day I often stop in classrooms when the students are saying the lunch blessing, or beginning the class with a prayer. With God as our biggest resource, how can we fail at transforming these young students into scholars and good people with a strong Catholic identity?

The curriculum here is surpassed by none. I was amazed at the kind of writing the students can produce by the time they are in 4th grade. They often write five-paragraph essays—and good ones. I am happy to say that Saint Mary’s students are still able to have daily lessons in social studies and science. We utilize the latest technology in our classrooms and encourage the use of E-readers and/or tablets for students who wish to read their classroom assignments electronically.

Some people may be surprised to hear that student achievement is not our number one focus at Saint Mary’s. As a wise teacher told me, our job is to get these little ones to Heaven. What I have learned about this philosophy is that in the process of helping our students have a relationship with God, they become high achievers. It’s not magic—it’s FAITH.

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Melodie Good, Principal